Manchester Community Technologies, Inc., gratefully acknowledges the generosity and support of its sponsors and partners. These important supporters are committed to making broadband technology available to every citizen.  Their commitment ensures a quality experience for all participants, including network users, business participants and sponsors. Without their assistance, our programs, activities and the Community WiFi Networks would not be possible. We graciously extend our appreciation to each of them. In recognition of their generous contributions, we hope you will consider these fine companies and learn more about their products and services.


NTIA   --   Business Technology Trainings

BTOP   --   Public Computer Center

CTN   --   Tea 4 Technology

CARAT   --   Business Technology Trainings

CETF   --   Virtual Community Wellness Project

CPUC   --   Broadband Adoption - Wi-Fi Networks

Jack-in-the-box   --   Back 2 School Tech Fair

SCE   --   Energy Efficiency Program

UDC   --   Community Wi-Fi Networks

Walgreens   --   Back 2 School Tech Fair

Yogurtland   --   Back 2 School Tech Fair

YPI   --   Public Computer Center

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