About MCT

Incorporated in 2009, Manchester Community Technologies, Inc. (MCT) is a non-profit corporation whose mission is to provide technological information and education in support of broadband expansion and adoption in underserved urban communities. Beginning in 2004, MCT researched and developed best practices for the development of an open wireless network.

MCT's initial goal was to empower and educate Manchester business participants to interconnect and collaborate to generate increased business visibility by establishing a true regional network with sustainable technology. MCT continues to establish Wi-Fi Networks throughout Los Angeles County by providing connectivity to businesses, community institutions, health and education organizations, public safety and emergency preparedness agencies and programs for youth and seniors.

Since its inception, MCT has provided thousands of end-users with no-cost Wi-Fi connectivity, digital literacy and free public computer access. In 2011, MCT was selected by the California Public Utilities Commission to continue its' expansion of the Wi-Fi Networks.  Moreover, MCT has expanded its broadband footprint to include Telehealth and CleanTech technologies.

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