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The Importance of Advertising

If commerce is the engine of our economy, then advertising is the spark. Responsible advertisers are the drivers who keep us on the right track, leading to a richer, more benevolent society.

Manchester Community Technologies media programs delivers a multi-platform, innovative approach to online news and original content. Our audience is a globally curious community of educated professionals, influencers and business owners.

We offer a range of sponsorship opportunities to engage our premium audience with your brand.

Advertisers can benefit from exclusive events, custom programs to web sponsorship opportunities.  MCT offers a vast wealth of technology-based media outlets targeted to benefit the business community and the residents it serves.

Our Internet web-based advertising includes, but is not limited to:

Blogs and stories, photo gallery and Integrated Editorial Sponsorships. 

Advertise your business through MCT's banner advertising program. You can choose where you want to place your banner advertisement.

There are two types of advertisement available:

1.  Page Peel Flash banner

A good atractive banner to advertise your company through our entire site.

- A small peel banner 200px X 200px

- A large peel banner 500px X 500px


2. Standard banner 150px X 100px

Standard banner advertisement will be placed on the right hand side.Requirements:

- All advertisements must be Camera Ready. 

- Image formats include: jpg, gif, or png.

Interested in advertising right now? Simply email us for pricing information.



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