Manchester Community Technologies is the lead agency representing the South Bay Regional Broadband Consortium. The goal of the Los Angeles County Regional Broadband Consortia (LACRBC) is to close the digital divide in Los Angeles County by accelerating broadband deployment, access, and adoption. Broadband Internet connectivity will promote economic growth, spur job creation, and facilitate access to extensive online information, resources, and services. A statewide survey, published by the California Emerging Technology Fund and the Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) shows the digital divide persists in California and is manifested by substantial differencese among population groups and regions in the adoption of broadband connectivity at home. The LACRBC will achieve its goal by: Developing a public platform for stakeholders and community members to discuss broadband gaps and solutions at town hall meetings; Raising awareness of the broadband benefits and encouraging new subscriptions via participating in local community events; Providing basic and advanced digital literacy workshops to community residents; Improving and increasing awareness of existing community broadband and public computer labs; Establilshing wireless Internet access point ("hot spots") in collaboration with small local businesses; and Providing training of advanced broadband applications such as telehealth and education. The LACRBC consists of five sub-regional consortiums: Central West Gateway Cities San Fernando Valley San Gabriel Valley South Bay

How It Works

Don’t look now, but your neighborhood is going wireless.

Municipal and community WiFi networks are on the verge of becoming a ubiquitous feature of the urban environment. This wireless infrastructure has made it increasingly possible for people to incorporate Internet use into their everyday experiences. In many cases, these busy people need to get their email or look at something on their laptop computers.

Manchester Community Technologies, Inc.(MCT) a California non-profit public benefit corporation is establishing a public WiFi network covering the business districts along Manchester Blvd and its major intersections in Inglewood and South Los Angeles. The project, dubbed ‘Manchester:One’ (M:1), hopes to have a "functioning and meaningful" network in place by the end of 2009, according to Revlyn L. Williams, PhD, MCT’s Executive Director.

Community WiFi Networks

The project focus is to lessen the digital divide in underserved communities. 

Our most current initiative is the deployment of Community WiFi Networks.   Our goal is to build, promote, and maintain community-friendly Internet zones in an effort to help increase business exposure and enhance digital literacy.

Project Goals:

Encourage & engage urban business owners to participate in the Community WiFi Network Project.

Provide technological vehicles which help generate increased visibility of participating businesses.

Expose participating business sponsors to emerging technologies and the use thereof.

Empower and educate business participants of the benefits of technology. 


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