Scare The Flu Away

The 'Scare The Flu Away" event was located at Osage Senior Villas in Inglewood. eCare Technicians assisted residents by taking their vital statistics to include blood pressure, oxygen level, height, weight, pulse and temperature, all using electronic Telehealth devices. The event featured Walgreen Pharmacy staff who spoke on the importance of getting an annual flu-shot.  Residents were able to ask questions and received valuable information on their medications and overall health and wellness.  Walgreens also provided flu shots to residents without cost. Also, a Life Worth Saving representative spoke on the importance of self-examination and seeking medical attention in a timely manner if anything feels out of sorts. 

Virtual Community Wellness



Searching online for health information is the third most common online activity behind checking e-mail and using a search engine according to a survey by the Pew Research Center's Interest & American Life Project.  But that doesn't mean caregivers should assume that everyone has access to the Internet when it comes to patient education and communication.  In fact, the survey showed that those who might most need access to online health information at least likely to have access to that information.

By age, patients older than 65 are least likely to be online, yet they are the highest users of health care and are most likely to be managing chronic illnesses.  What's needed is readily available technology that connects seniors to a nurse who monitors and asseses vital signs from a remote location.  Such a "virtual physician" will lighten demand for emergency room visits on an already overburdened hospital system in Los Angeles County.


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