Sponsor A Node

How You Can Help

Host a gateway. This is very easy. Gateways are the most valuable thing for the network because they give secure direct access to the Internet. If you would like to host a gateway please order one now! If you are a business we will give you recognition in our hosts panel found on the bottom of each page.

Host a repeater. Can your computer detect the network from your location but the signal is weak? Simply plug in a node and it becomes a repeater which boosts the signal. You don't need an Internet connection or anything, just a power outlet. If you don't have an Internet connection, or you would rather just boost a signal order one now. If you do have an Internet connection please consider sharing it to better your community.


Right now, we provide equipment installation and support without cost as a part of CPUC/CASF grant. Also included is design for your free online advertisement which will appear on several positions throughout the Network websites.

If you are hosting a gateway you’ll still pay your standard monthly Internet fees with your service provider. However, the additional WiFi traffic at your location should never increase your expenses at all.

If you are interested in helping the community and/or your customers benefit from this value added service, please send us an email or call (323) 455-1154.

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