Our Team

Our Team of Professionals "Good management is the art of making problems so interesting and their solutions so constructive that everyone wants to get to work and deal with them.” - Paul Hawken Like Minds Working On A Common Goal ... The Manchester Community Technologies' executive team has integrated leadership throughout the organization: sales leadership to build and maintain customer relationships, operational leadership to ensure efficient service delivery, technical leadership to develop innovative solutions, and business leadership to integrate our organization within the marketplace.

Revlyn L. Williams, Ph.D. :: Executive Director

A skilled administrator and team leader.  As Executive Director of Manchester Community Technologies, Dr. Williams has administrative and fiscal responsibility for the organization that promotes the expansion of broadband technology throughout the state of California.  Her knowledge and practical team buildling and organizational management provides the catalyst for the core management group to focus on the initial development and long-term management of the organization. Dr. Williams brings a solid history of successful management skills and administrative experience in many large scale development and informaiton managmeent projects.

Eric V. Sloan :: Director, Technology

A well-established track record of successfully building creative technology-based business solutions, developing strategic business teams, and bringing projects to cmopletion within budgets and time frames.  Mr. Sloan, as Director of Technology for MCT, brings the vision, knowledge, and leadership needed to chart and navigate the technology course of this organization.

Kimberly L. Kinermon :: Associate VP

Actively participates in analyzing data and developing recommendations and action plans.  Train and supervise VCW support staff and provide logistical analysis, including member updates, database management, and special event planning.  Developed special reports and engaged in ongoing research for community stakeholders.



We are unified by a clear vision and mission, commitment to our core objectives, and passion to create value for our customers. Our success is founded on long-term relationships and open communications between our clients, staff, and strategic partners. GET INVOLVED: To learn more about our organization, please contact us via email or call 323.455.1154.

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